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First in Bihar GK in English : Hello friends today we are going to cover First in Bihar GK questions with MCQ in English language. But before starting with today’s GK questions and answers lets know some thing about Bihar.

Bihar is located in the eastern part of India. The word Bihar has been coined from Vihara meaning Buddhist Monasteries. Bihar is completely a land locked state. It lies between the humid West Bengal in the east and the sub humid Uttar Pradesh in the west which provides it with a transitional position in respect of climate, economy, and culture.

The northern boundary of Bihar is bounded by Nepal and the southern boundary by Jharkhand. The river Ganga divides entire Bihar plain in two unequal halves.

Now lets go back to our todays topic First in Bihar GK and start the quiz :-

1. Which is the First Tiger Reserve of Bihar ?

[A] Champaran tiger Reserve

[B] Valmiki National Park

[C] Rajgir National Park

[D] Gaya Tiger Reserve

Correct Answer – [B] Valmiki National Park

2. Who was the First to be awarded the Ashok-Chakra in Bihar ?

[A] Late Yashpal Yadav

[B] Ashutosh Singh

[C] Late Randheer Verma

[D] Ramkripal Yadav

Correct Answer – [C] Late Randheer Verma

3. Which is the First ancient University of Bihar ?

[A] Taxshila University

[B] Nalanda University

[C] Patna University

[D] Gaya University

Correct Answer – [B] Nalanda University

4. Who is the First Deputy Prime Minister of India from Bihar ?

[A] Lal bahadur Shahstri

[B] Jagjivan Ram

[C] Sri Krishan Singh

[D] Sushil Modi

Correct Answer – [B] Jagjivan Ram

5. Which is the First Maithili Film of Bihar ?

[A] Jai Baba Baidyanath

[B] Kanyadan

[C] Mukhiya Ji

[D] Maai Ke Mamta

Correct Answer – [B] Kanyadan

6. Name the First T.V Relay center of Bihar ?

[A] Patna

[B] Hajipur

[C] Darbhanga

[D] Muzaffarpur

Correct Answer – [D] Muzaffarpur started in the Year (1978)

7. Who is the First women Lok sabha speaker of India from Bihar ?

[A] Mira Kumar

[B] Putul Kumari

[C] Rama Devi

[D] Angelina Tiga

Correct Answer – [A] Mira Kumar

8. Which is the First Oil Refinery of Bihar ?

[A] Numaligarh Refinery

[B] Mahashaya mill

[C] Barauni Refinery

[D] Bongaigaon Refinery

Correct Answer – [C] Barauni Refinery

9. Who is the First Muslim Governor of Bihar ?

[A] Mohammad Yunus

[B] Mohammad Sajjad

[C] Zakir Hussain

[D] Shahnawaz Hussain

Correct Answer – [C] Zakir Hussain

10. Which of the following is the First Sugar Mill of Bihar ?

[A] Sidhwalia Sugar Mill

[B] Sasamusa Sugar Mill

[C] Marhaura Sugar Mill

[D] Harinagar Sugar Mill Limited

Correct Answer – [C] Marhaura Sugar Mill

First in Bihar GK in English

11. First Neolithiic age ornaments found in which of the following places in Bihar ?

[A] Darbhanga

[B] Munger

[C] Chirand (Chhapra)

[D] West Champaran

Correct Answer – [C] Chirand (Chhapra)

12. Who is the First Muslim Chief minister of Bihar ?

[A] Abdul Gaffor

[B] Mohsina Kidwai

[C] Md Anzar Nayeemi

[D] Yusuf Salahuddin

Correct Answer – [A] Abdul Gaffor, He is a Indian freedom fighter and politician who served as the 13th Chief Minister of Bihar

13. Who is the First Dalit Chief minister of Bihar ?

[A] Jitan Ram Manjhi

[B] Ram Vilas Paswan

[C] Bhola Paswan Shastri

[D] Guru Prakash Paswan

Correct Answer – [C] Bhola Paswan Shastri

14. Which of the following is the First Irrigation Project of Bihar ? 

[A] Upper Kiul Major Irrigation Project

[B] Phulwaria Medium Irrigation Project

[C] Tilaiya – Dhadhar Major Irrigation Project

[D] Son Irrigation Project

Correct Answer – [D] Son Irrigation Project

15. Which of the following is the First Republic of the World ?

[A] Magdh

[B] Vaishali

[C] Taxshila

[D] Nalanda

Correct Answer – [B] Vaishali

16. Name the First Modern University of Bihar ?

[A] Patna University

[B] Lalit Narayan Mithila University

[C] Magadh University

[D] Mahatma Gandhi Central University

Correct Answer – [A] Patna University, It is established in the year 1917

17. Who is the First Indian Governor during the British Period ?

[A] Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha

[B] S.P Sinha

[C] Sanjay Singla

[D] Ram Dayalu Singh

Correct Answer – [B] S.P Sinha, In the year 1921

18. Which of the following is the largest river bridge of Bihar ?

[A] Sakri River Bridge

[B] Mahatma Gandhi Setu

[C] Jawahar Setu

[D] JP Setu

Correct Answer – [B] Mahatma Gandhi Setu

19. Which of the following is the First Bhojpuri Film ?

[A] Bansuriya Baje Gangateer

[B] Aanchara Ke Laaj

[C] Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo

[D] Dulha Ganga Paar Ke

Correct Answer – [C] Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo

20. Who is the First Governor of Bihar ?

[A] Madhav Shrihari Aney

[B] Jairamdas Daulatram

[C] R. R. Diwakar

[D] Zakir Hussain

Correct Answer – [B] Jairamdas Daulatram

First in Bihar GK in English

21. Who is the First Great Poet of Bihar ?

[A] Kalim Aajiz

[B] Anamika

[C] Vidyapati

[D] Avinash Chandra Vidyarthi.

Correct Answer – [C] Vidyapati

22. Which of the following is the First open University of Bihar ?

[A] Nalanda Open University

[B] Patliputra University

[C] Magadh University

[D] Central University of South Bihar

Correct Answer – [A] Nalanda Open University

23. Who is the First Mathematician of the world ?

[A] Aryabhatt

[B] Bhaskaryacharya

[C] Dronacharya

[D] Vashith Narayan Singh

Correct Answer – [A] Aryabhatt

24. Which of the following is the World’s Highest Buddha Stupa ?

[A] Vaishali Stupa

[B] Nalanda Stupa

[C] Kesariya Stupa

[D] Munger Stupa

Correct Answer – [C] Kesariya Stupa, (Champaran)

25. Who is the First President of India ?

[A] Zakhir Hussain

[B] Dr. Rajendra Prasad

[C] Dr. Ram Prakash Singh

[D] V V Giri

Correct Answer – [B] Dr. Rajendra Prasad

26. Who is the First female chief minister of Bihar ?

[A] Krishna Sahi

[B] Tarkeshwari Sinha

[C] Kamala Sinha

[D] Rabri Devi

Correct Answer – [D] Rabri Devi

27. Which of the following is the First English daily Newspaper ?

[A] The Hindu

[B] Hindustan

[C] Hindustan Times

[D] The Searchlight

Correct Answer – [D] The Searchlight

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