Difference between Manure and Fertilizer

Difference between Manure and Fertilizer : Agriculture sector is the largest contributor to GDP of many countries across globe. It is estimated that around 45% of world population depends on Agri sector for their livelihood.

Here in this article we will try to understand the difference between the two substance manure and fertilizer. These two substance are being added to plants to increase their productions.

Difference between Manure and Fertilizer


Manure is a natural substance, obtained from decaying plant, animal, human waste, excreta and other waste that can be applied to the soil for enhancement of its fertility.

It improves the water holding capacity of land, increases humus to soil and doesn’t cause pollution.



Fertilizer is a human-made or factory made substance, that can be added to the soil to improve its fertility and increase the productivity instantly. They might be made of organic or inorganic substance.

We can say that fertilizers are chemical compounds, which contains plant nutrients like potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

Now lets see the key differences between these two in tabular format.

Difference between Manure and Fertilizer

It used to provide humus to soil.It does not provide humus to the soil.
These are prepared in fields.They are usually prepared in factories.
Manure is a natural substance.It may or may not be as a natural substance.
It has less plant nutrients compared to fertilizerIt is high in plant nutrients.
Manure is a natural substance obtained from decaying plants and animals waste.These are basically chemical substance which are added to soil to increase the productivity of the soil.
These are slowly absorbed by the plants.They are quickly absorbed by the plants.
Manure are cheap to procure when compared to fertilizers.Whereas fertilizers are costlier than manure.
They do not pollute the soil or ground water in which they are added.Since these are chemical substance they used to pollute the soil as well as ground water beneath the soil.

We hope that we have covered all major differences between Manure and Fertilizer. If you have more doubt you can shoot the questions in comment section right now.

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